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Views from Upper Egypt 
Screen Saver v1.1

For download registration the key code for eliminating the "nag" screen and for "unlocking" the additional images will be sent by return e-mail; this is usually very fast, but it can take up to 72 hours. For the diskette and CD-ROM versions, prices include shipping and handling within the United States (The $3.00 shipping and handling charge is added automatically.). Foreign shipping is extra (contact us for rates) and the buyer is responsible for any customs and duty charges. Note that if you haven't used PayPal before, do not attempt to enter a password but click on the "New to PayPal? Click here!" link instead. If you wish to send a check or money order for payment via "snail mail," e-mail us at
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Views from Upper Egypt v1.1
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Views from Upper Egypt Screen Saver v1.1
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This screen saver contains 27 original images from various locations in Upper Egypt (15 images are available before registration). Registered users may also obtain diskette and CD-ROM versions for an additional shipping and handling fee (see below). A single registration is valid for all versions including version upgrades of a single volume. Some of the images are shown below. 

All screen saver versions include: 

  • Anpu (Anubis)
  • Southern Colossus of Memnon
  • Workers' village of el-Medina (streets)
  • Workers' village of el-Medina (homes)
  • Hieroglyphs (Temple of Hathor)
  • Hatshepsut's Temple (Deir el-Bahari)
  • Nile cattle
  • Pharaoh making an offering (Temple of Hathor)
  • Fallen Colossus of Ramesses II (Shelley's "Ozymandias")
  • Hypostyle Hall at the Ramesseum
  • Ramesseum granaries
  • Temple of Hathor (Dendera)
  • Sacred Lake (Temple of Hathor)
  • Nile felucca,
  • Luxor sunset 
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 compatible. Registered users can obtain the diskette or CD-ROM version for a shipping/handling fee of $6.00 for regular mail and $8.95 for Priority Post delivery (offer subject to withdrawal without notice). New York State residents must add 8% sales tax unless a NYS resale tax number is provided (NYS sales tax is billed separately after registration.). The screen saver is produced by Beaux Arts Antiques & Armour. E-mail questions to:

For faster internet viewing, the sample images below have lower quality
 than the images contained in the screen saver.

Sample Images for Views from Upper Egypt
Low Resolution Samples
Nile Felucca

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