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The sheet music is in good condition with minor yellowing (no foxing) and with 3/4ths front and back cover separation along the fold. Credits: By Ethelbert Nevin (copyright 1891 and 1899 by G. Schirmer, Jr.).
7 or 11 -- My Dixie Pair O'Dice (Copyright 1923)

The sheet music is in very good condition with only minor yellowing. Credits: Words by Lew Brown; music by Walter Donaldson (copyright 1923 by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.).

Rustic Dance (C.R. Howell)

The sheet music is in fair condition with moderate yellowing, some tears on the outside edges, a small piece missing from the top cover (doesn't affect the image; see photo), and page and cover separation along the fold. No copyright date is listed, but the sheet music is very old (c. 1890).

Sobre Las Olas (Over the Waves), Published 1890 by Carl Fischer

The sheet music is in fair condition with slight yellowing, a few small tears on the outside edges, a small hole in the cover (see photo), and page and cover separation along the fold. The music was published in 1890 by Carl Fischer (Boston & Chicago) as part of the "International Waltz Successes."

Youth and Beauty -- A Collection of Easy Pieces for Beginners, two volumes (c. 1910)

The first volume is 42 pages and the second volume is 33 pages. The sheet music is in distressed condition with moderate yellowing, small tears on the outside edges, and page and cover separation along the folds. The music was published in by Eclipse Publishing (Philadelphia).

Volume Two, described above.
Waldorf Astoria -- Vintage Copper Ashtray

The ashtray measures approximately 2 1/2 x 3 1/8" and has "The Waldorf Astoria" printed in raised letters under the right bottom of the building. Enough of the patina has been cleaned to reveal that the ashtray appears to be copper, but the new owner will decide whether to continue cleaning and remove the heavy patination from this old ashtray or to leave it "as is" 'wearing' its vintage. 

This pair of flow blue butter pats have gold trim extending into the pattern. Light crazing on the pats and slight discoloration suggest they are old, but there are no “straw” marks on the bottoms. The butter pats are approximately 3 1/8” in diameter and are in good condition, with no cracks and only minor flakes/chips on the bottom rims (see second photograph). The gold trim has moderate wear which does not distract from the beauty of these butter pats. 

Sterling Flask Sheffield 1924 by James Dixon & Sons

This sterling pocket flask is hallmarked Sheffield 1924 and was manufactured by James Dixon and Sons. It has a large, ¾ pint capacity (British pint = 19.2 ounces U.S.) and contains 15 ounces of sterling silver. The flask measures approximately 4¾ x 7¼ (top of cap) x 1¼” thick. The cork-lined cap is hinged and opens with a quarter turn. The case has a beautifully tooled design; the cartouche has been monogrammed with the letters E. M. L. Of particular significance is the fact that the flask is “correct” in all respects, with the British lion passant properly stamped on all parts (i.e., flask body, cap, and both pieces of the hinge). There are no dents or deep scratches. The flask has been lightly cleaned for inspection before offering at auction.

Noritake Hand-Painted Relief-Molded Nut Bowl

This Noritake nut bowl is hand-painted and has two relief-molded (blown out) nuts inside. The approximate dimensions are 6½ x 8¼ (handle to handle) x 2¼” high. The piece is in excellent condition, with no chips, hairline cracks, or repairs.