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Periods & Styles
Dates British Monarch British Period American Peroid Style
1558-1603 Elizabeth I Elizabethan Early Colonial Gothic
1603-1625 James I Jacobean Baroque
(c. 1620-1700)
1625-1649 Charles I Carolean
1649-1660 Commonwealth Cromwellian
1660-1685 Charles II Restoration
1685-1688 James II Restoration
1688-1694 William & Mary William & Mary William & Mary
1694-1702 William III William III Dutch Colonial Rococo
(c. 1695-1760)
1702-1714 Anne Queen Anne Queen Anne
1714-1727 George I Early Georgian
1727-1760 George II Georgian Chippendale (c. 1750)
1760-1811 George III Georgian Early Federal
(c. 1790-1810)

American Directoire
(c. 1798-1804)

American Empire
(c. 1804-1815)

(c. 1755-1805)

(c. 1799-1815)

1812-1820 George III Regency Later Federal
(c. 1810-1830)
(c. 1812-1830)
1820-1830 George IV Regency
1830-1837 William IV William IV Eclectic
(c. 1830-1880)

Arts & Crafts
(c. 1880-1900)

1837-1901 Victoria Victorian Victorian
1901-1910 Edward VII Edwardian Art Nouveau
(c. 1890-1920)
Art Nouveau
(c. 1890-1920)
1910-1936 George V   Art Deco
(c. 1920-1939)
Art Deco
(c. 1925-1939)
1936 Edward VIII  
1936-1952 George IV  
1952- Elizabeth II      

About this Page

It seems that everybody is selling something on the Internet and few sites provide any free information about antiques and collectibles. Well, we sell things too but we also provide some free information about the items we sell and collect. This page is designed to provide a quick reference for the experienced collector in identifying and dating some items. It is not intended to be a definitive guide but only a quick reference (This information should not be used as a buying or selling guide.). The information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, the user should consult the standard reference sources for confirmation of this information -- we assume no liability for the information provided herein. Indeed, the references we consult often conflict in identifying and dating items.

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