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Past Online Sales

A few examples from past online sales are shown below. If you're interested in these types of items, check our eBay listings weekly. Mixed in with the other "stuff" we recycle on eBay are some quality items that would normally be offered at antique and collectible shows. And if you're not interested in these types of items, check our eBay listings weekly anyway. We sell a wide variety of items that we already own or have acquired as odd-lots at auctions and other sales, ranging from books to vintage computer equipment (sorry, no beanie babies).


Art Deco (Frankart/Nuart style) Double Nude (Night-Light) Lamp

This unusual metal night-light appears to be Frankart or Nuart but is unsigned. Because Frankart seems to be invariably signed, the lamp is more likely Nuart (which was typically unsigned) or another company producing similar items in the 1920-30s. The cord has been replaced, but the switch and bulb housing are original. A tin door unlatches on the bottom for bulb replacement. There is some loss of the green paint (less than 10% paint loss); the ruby red lense may be original or an old replacement. The lamp works and is approximately 6" high and 4.75 x 9" at the base. 


St. Clair Style 
Paperweight Lamp

This lovely paperweight lamp is made in the St. Clair style. Nothing on the lamp indicates that it is genuine St. Clair (e.g., it lacks the St. Clair foil sticker on the bottom and the glass appears unsigned), but this boudoir or small table lamp is definitely in the St. Clair style with flowers that look somewhat like freshly sprouting tulips.

The paperweight lamp has five yellow flowers, each with a controlled bubble. The overall height is approximately 10 3/4" to the top of the socket (17 1/4" to the top of the shade support), and the "paperweight" section is about 4 x 3 1/4" at its widest part. The marble base is 4 1/2" square. The lamp works and the glass has no chips, cracks, or other imperfections. There are some small flea-bite size chips along the edge of the marble base (hardly noticeable; see photo). The metal socket appears to be a fairly new replacement.


Westclox Baby Ben Deluxe Alarm Clock (patented 1927)

The Baby Ben Deluxe alarm clock by Westclox stands about 3 1/4" high, with a dial diameter just under 2 1/2". This is the Deluxe model with a crackled blue finish. The case appears to be brass-plated steel. Two early patent numbers are listed on the back of the clock (see the third photograph), and "PAT'D March 29 1927" is on the bottom (not shown). 

The clock is in running condition and appears to be keeping near-proper time (an adjustment is on the back for correcting timing errors). The "steady" alarm also works, although the "repeat" function hasn't been tested. The case shows considerable wear but retains much of the original finish.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
—Limited Edition Book—

This is number 2540 of 9500 distributed worldwide. The book is lavishly illustrated with approximately 221 pages of text and drawings. The printing was done in five colors on 65-lb. antique finish paper. The cover is made with special bonded leather and stamped with genuine 22-karat gold and pigment leaf. The book’s slipcase is covered with elephant hide. The book was printed by Circle Fine Art Press (Chicago/New York) and is copyright 1978 by Walt Disney Productions. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first full-length animated movie—in production from 1934 until it’s premiere in December 1937—and  represents an important landmark in animation art.

The book contains the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs written in a narrative style and accompanied by numerous illustrations selected from the actual artwork used in the production of the motion picture. Also included are reproductions of many of the original story sketches and animation layouts used to illustrate the film continuity.  To complete the presentation, examples of the character sketches and character model sheets used to guide the artists during various stages in the film’s production are found throughout the book. 

This is a truly rare and classic limited edition for the Disney, Snow White, or animation art connoisseur. 


Pink Depression Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers with Stand

This set is a rare find in excellent condition. The stand measures approximately 2 x 4 3/8 x 4 7/8” high. The shakers are about 1 3/8” square x 3 1/4” high. There are some small bubbles in the glass shakers. The items have no chips or cracks, but the tin tops need cleaning and have the usual dents.

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