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Pre-release Versions

While our normal distribution sites are evaluating our product updates, you can download the latest versions here. (Click on the title to download.)
Beaux Arts USA Sampler v1.1 Available only here
Andalusia in Winter v1.0 beta Beta version available only here
David Roberts' Egypt v1.0 Available here and at distribition sites
Currier & Ives' Americana v1.0 Available here and at distribution sites
Views from Upper Egypt v1.1a Minor Update not available at distribution sites

New Releases

Our distribution sites require time to evaluate our latest products including product revisions, and some minor revisions (see below) aren't updated on our main download sites. By adopting a stringent policy of testing new software (and even minor revisions) before they permit distribution from their web sites, they afford the consumer (i.e., you) some degree of protection from "not quite ready for prime time" software. And although we thoroughly test our software before release to the public, the software distribution sites still conduct their own independent tests. So while these sites are reviewing the software (or before we submit our revisions for general distribution), you can use the links above to download the latest versions of our newest products. If you have questions or need help downloading, e-mail

Minor Updates

Some minor revisions aren't updated on our main download sites. These revisions are indicated by a letter suffix and include small text changes or image editing. These revisions are considered so minor they do not merit uploading to our main distribution sites. (Each time we post a product update, it requires staff time at our distribution partners for evaluation and for posting. Some changes are so inconsequential they do not merit adding to the backlog at these sites.) Sometimes documentation may be incrementally revised (e.g., v1.1a, v1.1b, v1.1c), with several minor revisions being made available here for distribution before the final revisions are posted as a version update (e.g., changing from v1.1 to v1.2) at our main distribution sites.

Beta Versions

Our beta versions include software that has not been completed but is fully "tested" (i.e., "safe" -- not likely to "crash" your computer). This includes software that has incomplete documentation and screen savers that are being developed (e.g., images are being added and/or digitally edited). Our beta versions are presented as previews of our full products or of major product revisions.

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