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To install, locate the file "DRE" (in some versions the file name may be "setup" or "David Roberts Egypt") using the Windows Explorer, then double click on the file (It will run automatically.). Alternatively, run the file using the RUN command from the START menu. The screen saver installs and asks if you want to use it as your default screen saver.


To remove the screen saver, simply use the Windows ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS command to uninstall the program ("David Roberts' Egypt" without the quotes).
After installation, a screen saver icon appears in the 
Windows system tray. Double click on the icon to 
start the screen saver or right click to access the 
configuration menu and other options . . .

or access the configuration menu by Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Saver -> Settings

REGISTRATION is completed by simply entering the user name and key code for this product in the boxes found in the "Settings" window. This information must be entered exactly as found in the registration confirmation. After the information is correctly entered, the "Trial" tab disappears and the "Settings" window closes.


This screen saver is shareware not freeware. If you enjoy the program, please
register. Registered users can receive free version upgrades of this volume
and notification when other volumes are released. A key code is provided after
registration that eliminates the "nag" screen and "unlocks" additional images.


The "David Roberts' Egypt" screen saver is copyright 2000 Beaux Arts Antiques & Armour. BeauxArtsUSA and are trade marks of Beaux Arts Antiques & Armour. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 are trade marks of Microsoft Corporation.

No warranty or liability for the use of this screen saver is expressed or implied. The screen saver has been tested thoroughly on various computers using the Windows operating systems, but the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any possible problems resulting from the use of this product.

Registered users are licensed to use this program on multiple computers in a single family residence AND on a single computer in a business environment. Commercial users should register one copy per installation or inquire about a site license. In no case should a single registration be shared by more than five computers. Send comments and inquiries to


The original lithographs made by David Roberts (1796-1864) did not produce uniformly sharp prints with high definition. Furthermore, the original prints are now over 150 years old, often showing considerable signs of age. These factors make the images in this screen saver somewhat "soft" and many of the colors muted. Although is it somewhat tempting to digitally enhance these images, digital manipulation has been kept to a minimum (slight color enhancement and image sharpening was used on some images) in order to preserve the character of the original lithographs. Similarly, the format of the original prints is not in correct proportion for computer monitors (i.e., not 1:1.33); this poses the problem of how to best present the images while producing a "pleasant" appearing screen image. Again, in order to change the original images as little as possible, minimal cropping was used and blank space was allowed to fill the area around the 'disproportioned' images. Finally, the images were recorded using a larger than normal digital format. Even with cropping out the mattes and occasionally small parts of the actual image, most of the final images are around 800 pixels wide. This makes the screen saver file considerably larger than normal, but it creates minimal distortion when viewed at 600 x 800 pixels and larger screen sizes.

Because this is simply a screen saver and not intended to be a scholarly work (well-written books on David Roberts' work exist), only the original print titles are included in this documentation -- this material is reproduced without editing or commentary. Information about folio size, engraver, the print-making process, and etc. can be obtained by consulting one of the scholarly works on David Roberts. The purpose of this screen saver is simply to provide a few "digital samples" of David Roberts' extensive work on Egypt for the collectors, traders, and admirers of his prints.


The Pyramids of Cheops and Chephren
The Sphinx, Front View
View of Cairo to the East
The Colossus of Ramesses II in the Ramesseum
The Great Temple of Abu Simbel
The Facade of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera
The Obelisk of Ramessess II at Luxor
The Interior of the Temple of Esna
The Pronaos of the Temple of Kom Ombo
The Ruins of a Small Temple on the Island of Bigge
The Colossi of Memnon at Dawn
General View of the Island of Philae
The Temples of Philae, Seen from the South
The Colossi of Ramessess II at Abu Simbel
The Hypostyle Room in the Temple of Isis at Philae
The Nile, Near the Pyramids of Dahshur and Saqqara*
The Temple of Luxor, as Seen from the Nile*
The Valley of the Kings*
The Pylon of the Temple of Edfu, Seen from the Pronaos*
The Kiosk of Trajan on Philae*
The Temple of Dakke*
The Temple of Kalabsha*
The Interior of the Great Temple of Abu Simbel*
The Sphinx*
The Facade of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera*
The Approach of the Simoon, at Giza*
View of the Ruins of Karnak, at Sunrise*
The Facade of the Great Temple of Amun at Luxor*
The Interior of the Temple of Medinet Habu*
The Pronaos of the Temple of Edfu*
The Temple of Kom Ombo*
The Great Colonnade in Front of the Temple of Isis at Philae*
The Landing-Stage by the Temples of Abu Simbel*
The Central Nave of the Great Hypostyle Room at Karnak*
The Colonnade in the Great Hypostyle Room in the Temple of Karnak*
The Monastery of Saint Catherine and Mount Sinai*
The Mameluk Tombs*

    [* seen after registration]

You can register online using a credit card through PayPal. Go to and follow the instructions. Be sure to include your name used for the registration and select the screen saver you are ordering from the hyperlinks. Your key code will be sent by return e-mail to the address used for sending the registration fee.

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