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We offer a limited range of new and used books for sale. These volumes are generally selected from the among the references that we use for our work. New books that are still in print are offered at 10 to 20% below the retail price plus a small shipping/handling charge (listed for individual books). Used books and new "out-out-print" books are offered at prices that reflect condition and the current market demand (sometimes exceeding the original retail price). All used books and most new books are currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Occasionally, a book might be ordered when the inventory is depleted before an "out-of-stock" notice can be posted to the listing. The buyer will be e-mailed if shipping will be delayed by more than 5 days and has the option of canceling the order and receiving a full refund. If you need to know the precise shipping date, e-mail us at
Books ordered at the same time are shipped at reduced cost. The first two books cost $5.00 and additional books $1.00 each. This flat rate applies only when it is lower than the normal shipping/handling cost.

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