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Beaux Arts USA Sampler v1.1

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Beaux Arts USA Sampler v1.1
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Beaux Arts USA Sampler v1.1
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The Beaux Arts USA Sampler provides 14 to 20 samples of the images used in our various screen savers. This screen saver is free with an unlimited trial period, but it contains only a few sample images from several different screen savers and doesnít have all the features of the full screen-saver engine (e.g., image control). Itís the smallest file size (and therefore quickest download), so itís a great way to try the screen savers before downloading the larger versions. 

The current version contains samples from the following screen savers:

  • Andalusia in Winter
  • Art Masters Series: vol. II -- Matisse
  • Currier & Ivesí Americana
  • David Robertsí Egypt
  • Views from Upper Egypt
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 compatible. The screen saver is copyrighted and produced by Beaux Arts Antiques & Armour. E-mail questions to:

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