Beaux Arts USA’s

Pocket Guide to 
American Art Prints
–2002 Guide to Currier & Ives, Wallace Nutting, 
Maxfield Parrish, and Other American Printmakers

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Prices are listed for over 3,200 items, most of which were sold in the past two years. The primary listings are for Currier and Ives (232 items), Wallace Nutting (1,493 items), and Maxfield Parrish (467 items), but samples are also included for David Davidson, R. Atkinson Fox, Bessie Pease Gutmann, Fred Thompson, and others. The 200-page 4¼ x 7" price guide is designed to fit easily into pocket or purse. The pocket guide was developed for the author’s own use as a quick reference at auction sales and is now available to others interested in gaining this “bidder’s advantage.” Prices listed are actual selling prices not valuation prices and were compiled from online and ‘live’ auctions in the United States. The pocket guide is published by Beaux Arts USA. Order directly from the publisher (click link below) or through your local bookseller (ISBN 0-9718766-0-6).

Sample Listings

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